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We are a certified private kindergarten for children since the age of 2. We focus on educating kids by experiential learning in Slovak and English language. Special attention is payed to pre-school preparation. Developing children’s motor and logical skills is realized through modern methods, Montessori activities and tailor-made activities both indoors and outdoors.
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What we offer private english kindergarten Vrable

We are a Private English Kindergarten for children from 2 to 6 years. The aim of the kindergarten is to provide extra care in a friendly, stimulating environment and enable children to gain full-featured development and universal formation of their personalities.

English Language Acquisition

English Language Acquisition the same way as a child acquires mother tongue

Montessori Activities

Montessori activities supporting general child’s development

University Educated Teachers

University educated teachers with several years of experience in the area of preschool education and English language teaching

Preschool preparation

We are preparing children for a smooth start of compulsory school attendance. Special care is given to: the language preparation – proper development of speech and vocabulary graphomotorics, mathematical concepts, memory, attention, visual and auditory analysis 

Special Program

Special program for teaching foreign language to preschool children

Physical Activities

Physical activities (exercising with children – pilates, yoga, aerobics)

New Premises with a Playground

New premises with a playground, modern classrooms with an interactive whiteboards, near the park

Well-balanced Diet and a lot of Exercises

Well-balanced diet and a lot of exercises outside in the fresh air

Private english kindergarten Vrable