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kids drawingOur Day

Our day in the kindergarten is divided into stages according to the needs of the child. It includes different games for developing kids abilities, active exercising to develop physical conditioning, physical activities in different forms , pedagogical activities focused on the development of kids language skills and knowledge in various areas, time for rest, sleeping and eating.



bee writerHow we learn the English language

When children acquire a language, they perceive it from a practical point of view. They are not interested in the structure or the form of words and sentences but how they can use what they have learned. Because of this reason, it is recommended to learn/teach language in context. The same as a child learns its mother tongue – in contextual connections, without isolation of expressions, the same approach must be applied with the new language – through activities and interactions. Due to this fact, we use English language during the entire day and create a small „English world“.



girl painter“Help me to do it myself.“ (Maria Montessori )

Just a few parents know that the first 6 years of a child represent an important period from the point of view of acquiring knowledge and acquaintances. Many of them think that the child is too small to learn. However, just think about how much a child can learn by watching TV. Kid’s curiosity, the desire to explore, investigate and learn are the essential elements of this period. The importance of early childhood has already been highlighted by Maria Montessori (1870), an Italian doctor, who worked with preschool children during her studies.



boy flyingGet fit, kid – exercising with kids

For a child, it is more natural to move rather than to stay calm. Lack of physical activity can cause several health problems. Due to this, specialists recommend to spend at least 30 minutes, 3 or more times a week, with a moderate physical activity and at least 20 minutes, two or more times a week of intensive physical activity. The metabolism of children is adapted to short intense exercises after which comes some rest. In preschool age, children have good psychophysical conditions (biological and psychological) to acquire various motor patterns..