Price List

Price List

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Price List

You can enrol your child after reaching the age of 2. If there is a free capacity (maximum 10 kids), we accept new children during the whole year.

The amendment for employed parents:

For employed parents of a child up to 3 years, it is possible to get a benefit for childcare of 230 EURO per month (amendment to Act no. 561/2008 Coll.) More about the contribution can be found on this web page

All-Day Program

7:30 – 17:00
350,- € ( food included )

Half-Day Program

7:30 – 12:00
250,- € ( food included )

  • • During the adaptation process, it is possible to enroll the child for a half-day program and then, after the agreement, the kid can switch to a full-day program.
  • • When enrolling the child in kindergarten, please submit a doctor’s certificate issued by the family doctor. .